Aerith is a yandere from Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged

Background Edit

Aerith was raised by the Midgar stoner, Elmyra, when she was just a child after her actual mom, Ifalna, died. She met Cloud after he fell through the roof and landed on a bed of flowers in front of her.

Yandere Traits Edit

The first time she finds out that Tifa is one of Cloud's friends, her tone of voice gives off the clear impression of jealousy. Throughout the series, Aerith often makes snarky comments toward Tifa. When Yuffie appears, Aerith is quick to reject her no matter what.

Later, after Cloud uses a Shiva materia to kill Jenova, Aerith asks to take a look at it. The moment she gets a hold of the Shiva materia, she instantly breaks it.

After Cloud upsets her during a moment where he says her last boyfriend, Zack, died, Tifa ends up being the one to comfort her, leading her to mellow out.

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