Akito Sohma is the yandere for the Zodiac members in Fruits Basket.

Background Edit

Akito is the God of the Zodiac. She was born to Akira and Ren Sohma, another yandere. Her mother raised her as a boy because she was afraid her daughter would steal away her husband's love (the anime made Akito male before manga revealed Akito's gender). When her father passed away, Ren became abusive towards her daughter. Ren made her believe that the members of the Zodiac will leave her and she will be unloved by her family. As a result, Akito developed an irrational fear that the Zodiac members will leave her alone and unloved.

Yandere Traits Edit

Akito is a different yandere as she/he isn't yandere for one specific person. She wants to keep the Zodiac from finding love and leaving her/him behind. To do so, Akito physically hurts members of the Zodiac and uses manipulation to feel obligated to stay. If they find love, Akito goes after the person and injures them so bad that they have to be hospitalized. Despite all of the abuse she issues out to the Zodiac, she claims that she loves them all, including Kyo whom she hates.


  • Akito is one of the few Yandere to have a parent who is also a yandere.
  • The first anime makes Akito biologically male before her gender reveal was made in the manga.
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