Ako Tamaki is the yandere for Hideki Nishimura/Rusian.

Background Edit

She met Nishimura in a role-playing game and their characters got married to each other. She found out who Nishimura was out of the game and started interacting with him.

Yandere Traits Edit

Unlike most Yanderes, Tamaki is a mild case. She truly believes that she and Nishimura are married both in-game and out of it. When he tries to tell her that their characters are married to each other and that he wants to be friends with her, she assumes that someone is trying to take him away from her. She demands to know who it is, but it's never explained if she wanted to hurt them or kill them. When she learns about another player who broke his heart after denying his confession, she found out who the player is and attacked her with a prop knife for spurning Nishimura's affections. She does mellow out as the series progresses.

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