Alfred Drevis is the yandere for his daughter, Aya Drevis. He is the titular character from Mad Father.

Background Edit

Alfred had a dark past. At a very young age, he became addicted to killing animals and hid their bodies in his room. When his mother found out about what he had been doing, she tried to lecture her son on his behavior. Alfred retaliated by stabbing her and killing her. He ran away from home, but he kept thinking about how pretty his mother's face was after he wiped the blood of it. He began killing other people just to see their dead faces.

Yandere Traits Edit

He cares quite a deal about how his daughter will behave in society. When he learned that she was repeating similar actions he did as a child, he realized that she may turn out like him. To preserve what little innocence she had left, he decided that he will kill her and turn her into a doll. When his wife confronted him and declared that she's leaving him with their daughter, he killed her. Once Aya learns the truth, he chases after her with full intent on killing her and making her his next doll. As he's about to swing his chainsaw at her, he declares that he and Aya will always be together from now on and that he loves her. In the bonus scenario when you collect all the gems, he's seen in a lab in hell where he's staring at a large chamber with a black-haired girl inside. Before it ends, he hugs the chamber and declares that he and Aya are always together now.

Gallery Edit

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