Ayase Koumoto is a yandere for the protagonist of Yandere No Onna No Ko Vol. 1.

Yandere chara02a

Background Edit

She and the protagonist have known each other since they were kids. She used to stand up for him when someone picked on him. Her feelings for him progressively grew until they reached their teens and she hoped that they could become more than friends.

Yandere Traits Edit

Ayase is deeply obsessed with the protagonist. She seems to be delusional with her constant talk of her and the protagonist being in a serious relationship, which seems to be one-sided on her end. She hated seeing him with other girls like his little sister and his shy classmate. To ensure that he would be hers, she kidnapped Nagisa Nonohara and later killed her when she called her brother's cell phone. She also killed Sonoko Kashiwagi, a girl she bullied because she was attracting the protagonist's attention. After she returned from killing Nagisa, she attacked the protagonist, perceiving him pushing her away as rejection. The more she hit him with her hammer, the more enamored she became with his screams. Her track ends with her promising to save him, thinking that he was asking her to save him from other girls when he was asking for someone to save him from Ayase.

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