Barbara Kean is a criminal in Gotham and yandere of James "Jim" Gordon.

Background Edit

When Barbara was younger, she murdered her parents, possibly due to them being abusive. At some point, she started doing drugs, which led to her meeting Renee Montoya, her future girlfriend.

Yandere Traits Edit

Before her psychotic side was revealed, Barbara was a loving fiancée to Jim. She called him at work to make sure he was alright and was planning on getting him on a healthier diet once they were married. Even though she leaves him, she became insanely jealous of his new girlfriend Leslie and has attempted to kill her on multiple occasions. When she captures Leslie later on, she insisted that she and Jim were getting back together under the belief that they understand each other. In one last attempt to have Jim all to herself, she kidnapped Jim and try to forcibly marry him with Leslie as one of the "witnesses".

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