Chelsea is a character from the free-to-play mobile game, Dragalia Lost, who was added to the game on November 13, 2019. She has obsession with Luca.

Background Edit

Chelsea is a Sylvan who lived alone on the mountains. Eventually, she met Luca, whom she helped fight off some fiends. Afterward, Luca invited her to the Halidom, so that she wouldn't have to be alone and because she proved herself a capable fighter with a bow. Chelsea agreed, but she had her own reasons for doing so.

Yandere Traits Edit

  • The very start of her character story has her breaking into Luca's room to watch him while he sleeps. Even after he shoos her out, she stays at the front of his door with the intent of going back in come morning. She doesn't even fall asleep as she waits.
  • Chelsea memorizes how Luca cleans his room so that she could clean it for him. She even makes it a part of her daily routine, much to Luca's discomfort.
  • The moment Luca gets ready to take a bath, Chelsea follows him in.
  • Before the two have even gone through any legal marriage, Chelsea proudly claims herself to be Luca's wife in front of him simply because he invited her to live in the Halidom. She even announces it to everybody Luca knows, leading them to believe the two of them were actually married.
  • The moment Luca tries to clear things up to her that he wasn't proposing, Chelsea threatens to burn down the Halidom.
  • When a group of thugs hold her hostage and use her to get Luca to drop his guard, she instantly breaks out and starts getting violent with all three thugs on her own.
  • Even after finally accepting that she and Luca aren't married, she continues to pester him in hopes that they would be genuinely married at some point.
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