Eliza and Neil Leagan They are a pair of siblings yandere to Anthony, Terry and Candy from the anime Candy Candy.

Eliza Leagan[edit | edit source]

It is one of the villains of the story. Her family also belongs to the clan Ardley. Together with her brother Neil makes life impossible to Candy whenever she has opportunity. She is a hypocritical, cynical and lying girl. Thanks to her and Neil, contrary to his intentions, is that Candy is adopted by the Ardley. Envy to Candy because she is in love with Anthony and he only has eyes for Candy also captivates personality who knows Candy, which I can not stand Eliza he always wants to be the center of attention. Then she also falls in love with Terry in the school San Pablo and is she who makes Terry and Candy separate

Neil Leagan[edit | edit source]

Eliza's brother, almost always complicit in her evilplans. He is a coward, a liar and very spoiled by her mother boy. Ardley is part of the family. Like Eliza, tries to make life impossible to Candy whenever it can. Ironically, he falls in love with her and tries to force her to marry him but fails.

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