Eska is the Yandere for Bolin in the Legend of Korra. She's a less crazy version of one, but this is shown when she is very possessive.


Eska is very cold and speaks in a monotone voice, similar to her brother Desna. They seem to over analyze whatever they are thinking or seeing. She barely shows any emotion except for boredom, and her impassiveness is broken after Bolin stood her up at the wedding altar. She is possessive, which is shown when she dragged Bolin away while he was hugging the Avatar. When Bolin mentioned possibly breaking up with her, she threatened to freeze him and feed him to piranha-dolphins if he did. After Bolin leaves her at the altar, she becomes resentful towards Korra, believing that she stole Bolin away from Eska.

Biography Edit

Eska first appears in the premiere of Book 2 alongside her equally emotionless brother Desna. Bolin takes a liking to her and attempts to woo her. However he quickly realizes that he has gotten more than he bargained for when Desna proves to be a controlling and emotionally abusive partner who delights in making her "lover" miserable. Eventually, Bolin can take no more, and Asami and Mako suggest that Bolin stand up for himself. Bolin tries and fails, prolonging his suffering. Eska ultimately decides that she desires to marry Bolin outright, at which point Bolin falls deeper into despair. Fortunately for him, he is able to escape from Eska when Team Avatar returns to Republic City, sending Eska into a rage. Blaming Avatar Korra, she vows to get vengeance on her for ruining her wedding and "stealing" her boyfriend, but she and her brother eventually team up with Korra because her father's deeds were exposed.

After Unalaq's death at the hands of Korra, Eska becomes the new chief of the Northern Water Tribe along with her brother, both finding their new responsibility to be boring. She is pleased to discover [1]'s secret prison, commenting on how she could have been incarcerating many people. She is seen helping Zuko and Tonraq in the fight against Zaheer and his band of criminals. They are subdued by Ming-Hua, who traps them in blocks of ice, and Zaheer escapes.


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