Gabi is the yandere to Nigel from Rio film series. She is voiced by Kristin Chenoweth.


Gabi is madly in love with Nigel and will do anything for him. She supports Nigel no matter what, doing his evil bidding without question and trying to bond with him by doing whatever villainous things she has to.

Despite her small size, her sly and villainous heart is almost as large as Nigel's. She also has a somewhat murderous side; she attempted to kill Blu with her poison while he was asleep, and only stopped when Nigel halted her. She also often does "evil stares" throughout the film, such as when she was sneaking up on Blu. This was also shown when Nigel was slingshot by Charlie towards a blue macaw (which they had mistaken for Blu); she yelled after Nigel with an evil look in her eyes "Go get em, tiger."


Gabi is a pink poison dart frog with blackish-purple spots. She has turquoise eyes and blue irises with long pieces of skin above her eyes that give the appearance of eyelashes.