.GIFfany (or Giffany) is a main character from Happy Happy Meme Meme Land.

She desires Doritos and Mountain Dew.


Giffany is featured in the Happy Happy Meme Meme Land episode, "Doritos, Mountain Dew and the Real Girl". She is a parody of girls from Japanese dating sim games. Before Doritos and Mountain Dew, she had a history of becoming possessive of previous players, such as Walkers and Coca Cola which scared them and resulted in them returning her game. She has now became good after realising what she was doing was wrong. She has became a main character in the series.

Yandere traitsEdit

Giffany tends to become attached to whoever plays her game, genuinely believing that the player is her boyfriend. She acts nice towards her boyfriends. When he isn't spending time interacting with her through the game, she follows her "boyfriend" through electronic devices. She also attacks evil people using forks and electronic device minions (She has thousands). She has a giant stuffed animal collection which is in her digital room. When the device she is in is destroyed, she instantly teleports into the nearest device. She knows what you do outside of the device a player is using. So she made her app delete-proof. If you download it, you can't delete it.



  • .GIFfany's name is a portmanteau of GIF and the name Tiffany.
  • Although her name is spelled as .GIFfany, in the end page cryptogram of "Doritos, Mountain Dew and the Real Girl," her name is written as "Giffany."
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