Hijiri Kitou

Hijiri Kitou is a yandere to his chemistry teacher Ayano Nakatani from manga series Aishite Kudasai, Sensei.

Background Edit

When he was seven years old, he lived next door to Ayano who was a teenager. At some point, his parents divorced and he had to move away from Ayano. Before they parted, he confessed his feelings for her and asked if she would marry him when they were older. To serve as a reminder of their "promise", he gave her a toy ring.

Yandere Traits Edit

Hijiri has a very strong fixation on Ayano. Despite not maintaining contact with her for the last eight years, his feelings grew stronger. He found out where she lived and enrolled in the school she works at just to be closer to her. He also found out where she lived where he spied on her. He also feels entitled to Ayano since he knew longer than anyone else. He is jealous of anyone that gets close to her and was willing to destroy her phone so that she wouldn't receive anymore texts from her ex-boyfriends. Not to mention him biting her ring finger and destroying the infirmary just to remind her that she belongs to him.