Hinata is one of the main characters from Yanderella. She's one of the yandere characters for Yatarou.

Background Edit

Hinata lived in the same town as Yatarou and Honoka when they were little. She went to the same elementary school as her friends before her family moved to Tokyo when she entered middle school. At the end of the second True End, it's revealed that Yatarou proposed that he and Hinata get married when they were older. For years, she held onto his promise and was eager to return to her hometown so that she could marry Yatarou. Also during the second True End, it's revealed that Hinata has been hiding behind a cheerful façade out of fear that she will be rejected by her parents and her classmates. As a result, she always compared herself to Cinderella, believing that she was deprived of living a happy life. Should Yatarou give the stuffed bunny to Honoka instead of Hinata, Hinata will be determined to earn the happy ending that should have been hers.

Yandere Traits Edit

Unlike Honoka, Hinata is very open about her feelings for Yatarou. Upon reuniting with Yatarou, she happily announces herself to be Yatarou's bride. She attempts to get Honoka to support her when Honoka claims to not harbor romantic feelings for Yatarou. When she receives the stuffed bunny, she becomes quite possessive of him. She tries to discourage Honoka from pursuing Yatarou because he "belongs" to her now. When Yatarou gives Honoka the stuffed bunny, she has a mental breakdown, believing that Yatarou was choosing Honoka over her. On the fourth day, she breaks into Yatarou's house just as he and Honoka were about to have sex and kills Honoka out of jealousy. In a desperate attempt to have Yatarou all to herself, she tries to make him believe a story where she and Yatarou are dating. To ensure that he can't run away from her and that he depends on her for everything, Hinata cuts off his limbs with a katana. Before she kills Yatarou, she accuses him of possibly throwing her away once he's done with her and places the blame of everything bad happening on him.

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