Honoka is one of the main characters from Yanderella. She is one of the yandere characters for Yatarou.

Background Edit

Honoka knew Yatarou and Hinata since they were in elementary school. When Hinata moved to Tokyo, Honoka did her best to maintain her friendship with Yatarou. She went over to his house multiple times to hang out with him. However, she felt like he was annoyed by her presence. She pretended that she didn't notice even though it bothered her.

Yandere Traits Edit

At first, Honoka has difficulty expressing her feelings. During one of her meetings, she gives him some cookies while bashfully denying that she made them for him. When she was younger, she hoped to grow closer to Yatarou with Hinata gone. Her hopes were dashed when she noticed how annoyed Yatarou seemed to be with her around. If Yatarou gives her the stuffed bunny, she decides to forget about Hinata also liking Yatarou and decides to pursue her own feelings for him. If she doesn't receive the bunny, she feels rejected by Yatarou and resents Hinata for being the object of his feelings. On the fourth day, she kills Hinata when Yatarou is about to have sex with her, casually declaring Hinata an obstacle for Yatarou's love. She attempts to make Yatarou believe that she and Yatarou are dating and that Hinata never came back. During the first True End, she promises to be more open about her feelings for Yatarou and declares her love for him. Just Hinata, Honoka blames Yatarou for Hinata dying and tells him that he could have chosen her and prevented these dark events. Before the credits roll, she declares that she loves Yatarou before proceeding to castrate him with a pair of scissors.

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