Ian "Psycho Derek" Banks is an antagonist from One Tree Hill. He is the yandere for Peyton Sawyer.

Background Edit

Before he started stalking Peyton, Ian was dating a girl named Maggie. One night, he was driving his car with his girlfriend in the car. He lost control of his dad's car on a slippery road, which caused her girlfriend's death. He blamed himself for the accident and was never able to move on.

Yandere Traits Edit

Ian has a strong fixation on Peyton. He stalked her for weeks, took pictures of her, and pretended to be Peyton's brother as an attempt to get closer to her. He became jealous whenever Peyton was with her boyfriend Lucas and interfered with their relationship. When Peyton found out that Ian wasn't her brother, he dropped the pretenses and attempted to rape her.