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Joan Quagmire is the deceased yandere to her ex-husband, Glenn Quagmire, from Family Guy. She was voiced by Nicole Sullivan, and she appeared in the episode "I Take Thee Quagmire".


When Peter surprisingly won Wheel of Fortune, he won a week of free maid service. Joan was Glenn's maid, but she did a variety of stupid stunts while being his maid.

When she meets Peter's friends, Glenn falls in love with her and begins dating her. Then later, he proposes to her. They get married, and Glenn decides to become more clean and stops his perverted ways. He changes his mind after he spots Lois Griffin's swollen boobs, and he tries to get out of his marriage. When he tells Joan that they should maybe get a divorce, Joan tells him that she'll kill Quagmire and then herself if that ever happens, so Quagmire tells her that it won't happen.

After realizing that Glenn married an emotionally unstable woman, he decides to fake his death by making a video of him being attacked by a ninja (Joe), a Nazi (Cleveland), a pots-and-pans robot (Peter), and finally, a dinosaur that was actually a toy that Peter was holding, eating the body. Joan does not become convinced, and the gang goes with plan "B"; Glenn comes in, and he fakes a heart attack.

When Death arrives at his fake funeral to take Glenn's body away and Mayor Adam West covers the casket with concrete because of his fear of zombies, it is revealed to all the mourners that he's not really dead. When Death tells Glenn that he still has to take a body with him, Joan blocks Death and says, "No! You can't take him!" She clutches Death's arm and she falls to the floor dead. Uncomfortably, Peter, Glenn, Joe and Cleveland all point out to Death the fact that she was suicidal and her name was "Quagmire", and they convince him to take Joan instead. Death agrees. In a jokingly manner, Glenn asks Death to leave the body for five more minutes.