Junko is a yandere from the webcomic, Stalker x Stalker. The person she obsesses over is Yukio, who is just as obsessed with her.

Yandere Traits Edit

She obsesses over Yukio every day, stalking him as much as he does her.

Junko also breaks into Yukio's apartment to smell his bed, feeling flattered when she finds that his room is full of pictures of her.

When she proposes her love to Yukio, she does so by pulling out a knife and telling him not to reject her.

She has checked Yukio's phone to make sure there weren't any other girls on it.

When Yukio gives another guy a death glare for talking to her, Junko finds it adorable and doesn't mind the idea of Yukio murdering the guy.

When she had a dream of Yukio cheating on her, Junko is quick to threaten him until he reveals that he had been taking pictures of her sleeping that night.

When Junko's sisters ask her for help about their boyfriend running from them, Junko tells them to break his legs.

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