Kara Gentner is one of the Main Characters in The Last Yandere. A visual novel about a male protagonist cancer survivor applying for a graphic design job at AppSir, Inc.


Kara is a manufactured being, a result of yandere experiments conducted by Dr. Rotschstein. Some time before the events of The Last Yandere, Kara Gentner's consciousness is digitally copied and transferred to the male protagonist's mind. The "real" Kara Gentner escapes the facility, but the copy of her digital consciousness resides in the mind of the male protagonist.

Yandere traitsEdit

Kara is often sweet, bubbly, and has a childish sense of humor. She is straightforward in expressing her wishes and expressing her emotions. She also displays high intelligence, often making swift decisions depending on the situation at hand. She shows no remorse in killing people that go against her wishes.


  • The digital iteration of Kara also appears in a platformer .exe horror mobile game called Dere.exe.

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