Karen Shinomiya is the yandere for Toma Jonouchi from Starstruck Love.

Background Edit

Sometime before the start of the story, she discovered Toma's musical group and became infatuated with him. She watched interviews just to see and hear Toma. She eventually became employed by Toma's father in hopes of being closer to him.

Yandere Traits Edit

She's obsessed with Toma and believes herself to be his biggest fan. She loves talking about him more than anything or anyone else. She's willing to use the same shampoo that he uses just to smell like him and is able to smell the same shampoo on Hazuki's hair. She's also willing to try killing Hazuki upon the realization that Toma likes her instead of Karen. If Hazuki pursues Toma's route, Karen attempts to give her to a random man, hoping to finally get rid of her rival and have a chance with Toma.

Trivia Edit

  • If Ryo and Ryusei's route is selected, Karen's yandere behavior will be downplayed. She will be replaced as the antagonist with a group of Ryo's fangirls.
  • She's the only female character (other than Hazuki) who has her own sprite.
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