Kish is the yandere to Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew.


Kish is a carefree, playful, clever, optimistic and a rather open minded fellow. Although that is somewhat hidden by his bloodlustful intentions for humans. He enjoys torturing, and in a rather cruel sense playing with his opponents for his amusement. He is very sadistic and enjoys seeing humans in pain; physically and mentally. He is seen as a bit fun-loving such as when he tries to make sure that everything that goes his way amuses him; an example considering his enemies his toys. He is also intelligent seeing as how when he makes any mistake he will find a way to make it benifit him. Kish is very possessive over anything of his, and that includes people. He has a temper and he doesn't have much control when angered. He would even attack one of his comrades out of sheer annoyance at times. Even with his rather cruel personality traits he does do the things he does for his goal of helping his people, his friends, and his family. He hates humans for what they have done to the Earth and would honestly take immense pleasure in killing one. He is cruel and rather a figure of dangers to strangers, but he can't help but be happy optimistic figure to the people he is close to. (Even if they won't admit it). Even as Ichigo hates him, she still cares for him if he's in a horrible situation.

Yandere Traits Edit

Kish is obsessed and possessive of Ichigo. He initially flirted with her during their battles and stole her first kiss just for the fun of it. As the series goes on, though, he thinks more and more of Ichigo, turning his playful crush into a psychotic obsession. He becomes insanely jealous of Masaya for being the object of Ichigo's affections and tries to kill him multiple times. He has also demanded that Ichigo choose him over her boyfriend, threatening her with death if she doesn't. When it becomes clear to him that Ichigo loves Masaya and not Kish, he attempts to kill her. At one point, he contemplates performing a murder-suicide with Ichigo since she refuses to leave Earth.

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