Mao is the yandere to C.C. from Code Geass.


At first glance Mao seems a little off, from there on it's topsy turvy all the way through the numerous layers of madness. He's extremely sadistic, relishing the anguish he causes Lelouch when he threatens to blow up his sister and also when he shoots C.C. multiple times in Clovisland.

Though able to keep up a somewhat reasonable persona in the open he obviously does not belong in crowds, his giddy mannerism and emotionally immature personality coupled with zero empathy makes him dangerously unpredictable. As with Lelouch, he has his own opinion on how the world should be, a wide open wasteland with no one in it, other than him and C.C.


  • Mao's character design is based on Shogo Asahi from X/1999 Movie and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Mao and Shogo are both minor characters whose role didn't last too long and they oppose the good side with supernatural powers.


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