Marina Mills (a.k.a Marina Nedifar) is the central antagonist of Friend Request. She is the yandere for Laura


Background Edit

Marina has a troubled past. When her mother was pregnant with Marina, she was inside a burning building and badly burnt as a result. In order to save her, the doctors delivered Marina before her mother died from the burns. With no other family to take her in, Marina was sent to an orphanage as a ward of the state. Marina was alone during her time at the orphanage and was tormented by a couple of boys her age. Her loneliness carried into her adulthood when she joined Facebook, never receiving a single friend request due to her dark interests.

Yandere Traits Edit

When Laura accepts her friend request, Marina becomes incredibly friendly towards her. She is convinced that they are a lot closer than they are and starts doing things like messaging her excessively, photoshopping herself in a picture of Laura, and attending events that she wasn't invited to. It's implied that she might have been jealous of Laura having other friends, which eventually led to her killing them after her suicide. She is very sensitive to rejection as shown when Laura decides to celebrate her birthday without Marina. When Laura unfriended her on Facebook, she cried hysterically before killing herself. As punishment for Laura ending their "friendship", Marina goes after all of Laura's friends and presumably her family. She also posts the deaths of Laura's friends on her Facebook in order to make Laura feel as lonely as her.

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