Mayu Amakura is the secondary protagonist in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.

She is the yandere for her sister Mio Amakura.

Background Edit

Mayu was the older twin of the Amakura family. When she and her sister were younger, Mayu fell down a ravine and injured her leg, resulting in her having a limp in the present. Prior to coming to All God's Village, the girls went to the forest one last time before the Minakami Dam was built and wiped out the area. Unlike her sister, she is sensitive to the presence of spirits, which allows Sae to possess her body.

Yandere Traits Edit

While she seems like a loving sister towards Mio, Mayu is obsessed with her. When she and her sister were younger, she was worried that Mio would leave her behind. In order to keep her sister from "leaving", she purposefully injured herself, using her guilt to manipulate her. When they enter All God's Village, Mayu becomes incredibly clingy towards Mio, especially when Mio has to leave to find something. The endings can influence Mayu's personality and her behavior towards Mio. In "Frozen Butterfly", she kills Mio when she fails to go through with the Ritual and is seen stroking her dead sister's head. In the default ending, she encourages Mio to perform the Ritual so that they can "become one". In the ending where Mio chooses to run away, Mayu is confident that her sister will come back for her.

Photos Edit

  • Mayu after she fell
  • Final shot of Frozen Butterfly ending
  • Mayu applying lipstick to her dead sister's lips
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