Mikio is a character from Makoto Mobius. She's the yandere for Makoto.

Background Edit

Mikio has been friends with Makoto for years. It's unknown how long she has known Makoto or if she harbors romantic feelings for her. It's implied that she has participated in the Mobius loop before.

Yandere Traits Edit

Mikio is incredibly loyal to her best friend Makoto. Upon hearing that her friend has died, she convinces Watarou to save Makoto by casting the Mobius curse and going back to the previous night. It's implied that if Watarou makes Makoto's father swallow sleeping pills that Mikio kills Watarou's mother as punishment for not saving Makoto. If Watarou decides to kill Makoto himself, Mikio kills him out of anger and declares that she will not let him take Makoto away from her. She also admits that she's fine with anyone (Makoto's father, Watarou, herself) dying if it means saving Makoto from her untimely demise. This is confirmed in one ending where she commits suicide when Watarou calls her and informs her about Makoto dying that night. Since she made Watarou cast the curse, it's implied that she meant for him to die so that she could be with Makoto again. It's unknown if Mikio goes through similar lengths to save Watarou or if she exclusively does this for Makoto.

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