Misao is the titular character from the video game Misao. She is the yandere for her ex-boyfriend Tohma.

Warning! Spoilers are listed below!

Background Edit

Misao knew Kudoh since they were little. When they entered middle school, Kudoh stopped hanging out with her, which severed their friendship. She was familiar with her high school classmate Aki/Akito, but they weren't friends. One day, a bully named Yoshino tried to humiliate her in class by announcing Misao's crush on Tohma. The event resulted in Tohma in becoming Misao's boyfriend. When she went to her classroom to confront Tohma about a text posted on the school bulletin board, she saw him together with Saotome responsible for the post. Late one day, Yoshino forced Misao and a male student in a stall together, leading to Misao being raped. Mr. Kurata found her and brought her into the teacher's lounge. While Misao and Mr. Kurata were talking, Mr. Kurata started making advances on Misao.

Yandere Traits Edit

Misao is obsessed with Tohma. She became more infatuated with him the longer they were together. When she initiates the curse, one of the first people she goes after is Saotome partially out of revenge for her involvement in Misao's torment, but also for being Tohma's current girlfriend. Despite Mr. Kurata being the one who killed her, Misao wanted Tohma to die so that they could be together in death. This is true when Aki/Akito encounters Tohma on the third floor where Tohma is attacked by a shadowy figure, which may have been Misao trying to kill Tohma for herself. During the bonus section, Tohma is the final person to save, implying that Misao is holding onto him and trying to prevent him from leaving her. Misao admits that while she hates what Tohma did to her, she still loves him.

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