Miyuki Sone is the yandere for the player in Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.

Background Edit

Miyuki is Shinichi's classmate.

Yandere Traits Edit

It's initially assumed that Miyuki is obsessed with Shinichi, the playable character. However, Miyuki reveals that she's actually obsessed with the player, aware of her existence as a visual novel character. She believes that since they played through her route first that it must have meant that they genuinely loved her. However, near the end of Aoi's route, she lashes out at the player by killing Eru the cat and Aoi, and breaking Shinichi's limbs. She calls out the player, not Shinichi, for daring to play through another route when they had her. Before she kills Shinichi, she begs for them to say that they love her, which they can choose to do or to say that they hate her. Either way, Miyuki will be dissatisfied with the answer and will finish Shinichi off. To ensure that they don't play through Aoi's route again, she calls "God" and reprograms the game, making it impossible for them to restart the game or load another file.

  • Shinichi and Miyuki about to kiss
  • Miyuki's happy ending
  • Miyuki with lilies and blood on her face
  • Miyuki addressing the player about playing through Aoi's route
  • "Tell me that you love me, player-san."
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