Monika is a main character in Doki Doki Literature Club!. She desires the player.

Background Edit

Monika is the club president of the Literature Club. She is kind friends with the three girls. She will soon realize that she is trapped in a game and has no good ending for her, and will do anything to avoid it

Yandere Traits Edit

SPOILER ALERT! Monika is deeply obsessed with the player. Unlike the other three girls, she's not a selectable love interest, as she doesn't have a "route" of her own. The knowledge that she can never truly be with the player drove her mad. To ensure that the player ends up with her, she starts bullying and gaslighting the other characters through the game's coding, hoping that she would be chosen over her mentally unstable friends. Monika begins messing with the game, which includes deleting Sayori from the game, revealing disturbing information on the remaining girls, and playing with the choices. After Yuri kills herself, Monika proceeds to delete Yuri and Natsuki's characters from the game, making her and the player the only ones left. During the final act, she reveals that she's been in love with the player for a long time. She initially gets angry with the player when they delete her, but soon understands why as she reflects on her actions and declares that she still loves the player, making her restore the game with her character removed. She also knows when you log in to the game or exit.

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