Nagisa Nonohara is one of the yanderes for the unnamed protagonist in Yandere No Onna No Ko.

Background Edit

She and her older brother have been living together since their parents' deaths. She does everything she can to take care of him, such as cooking his meals and doing the chores.

Yandere Traits Edit

Nagisa is obsessed with her older brother. She can't stand to see him near any girls, believing that she's all he needs. She also believes that she understands him more than anyone else will. Anytime she sees a girl get close to him, she kills them out of jealousy. During her breakdown, her brother becomes upset with her change in behavior and calls her out on it. She rationalizes that since he ate some food that his childhood friend, Ayase, made, that's the reason why he would say hurtful things to her. To "cleanse" him of Ayase's poison, she forces him to eat food that she made for him. When her brother is forced to say that Ayase cooks a certain dish better than Nagisa, she decides to kill him.

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