Nakia (also known as Malice) is a character from the Black Panther comic book series.

She desires T'Challa.


As a child, Nakia was picked by her tribal elders to be Wakandan Dora Milaje, and spent three years training before presented to King T'Challa; barely a teenager, she was instantly smitten with him, although he promised that her role was purely ceremonial.

Yandere traitsEdit

Nakia's obsession with King T'Challa increased dramatically when Mephisto cast an illusion over T'Challa causing him to kiss Nakia. She consequently became jealous of T'Challa's American ex-girlfriend Monica Lynne and plotted to kill her, but T'Challa rescued her and banished Nakia bringing great shame on her tribe and Wakanda.

In later issues, when she was resurrected by Erik Killmonger she developed a power that would cause men to fall madly in love with her.



  • Nakia was the second to the receive the title of Malice.

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