Nora Dershlit is an antagonist of iCarly.

She is the yandere for Carly and her friends.

Background Edit

Nora has always been lonely since she was very young. She never had any friends at school because she was considered weird. She was also left alone at home quite a bit because her parents went on trips without her. She discovered iCarly at some point and became a huge fan of the show.

Yandere Traits Edit

Nora is quite obsessed with the iCarly crew. Due to her overwhelming loneliness, she has latched onto them. She viewed them as her angels since they were kind to her and didn't want them to leave her, leading to her locking them in a soundproof room. She was quite friendly to them during their time locked in her basement and was quite forgiving of them when they tried to escape. After she was released from prison for kidnapping the iCarly cast, she became vengeful towards them while still harboring those feelings of amicability. She's quite manipulative as demonstrated during her hearing where she pretended to be remorseful for her crimes in order to be released. She also manipulated them into attending a party for her so that she could trap them in her house again and hold Spencer hostage so that they would comply to her demands.

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