Obotchaman is the love interest and yandere to Arale from the anime Dr. Slump. He does not show the syndromes of be crazy as usually they are yanderes and unlike them this very smoothing, the was built by Dr. Mashirito with the intent to exterminate Arale, however it ends up falling in love and tries to eliminate Senbei, for not eliminate to Arale (but he ends up hitting Dr. Mashirito disguised Sembei) after being cast by Dr. Mashirito it is moved to the penguin Villa to be closer to Arale.

In the episode "Will you marry me Arale-chan?" learns that Arale and Banjo getting married and depressed, but then decided to go and fight for their love, and confronts a blow Banjo and sends him flying.

In the episode "Arale's new boyfriend?" believes that Arale has a new love and very depressed, then it tries confronts believing that had stolen the sweater I had to Arale, but traveling to the past with a invention by Senbei how much is given to the guy who was Arale all the time been he.

The best example where you can see a possible hand in yandere is in the final round of the "Who's the Strongest in the World?" tournament, Obotchaman to see Dr. Mashirito stole energy to the Arale leaving him inactive, he rages, is put on a wig similar to Arale's hair and pretends to be her. He steps into the fight while Dr. Mashirito is laughing with victory. Mashirito is surprised to "Arale" again. Obotchaman kills Dr. Mashirito with a N'cha Cannon, reducing his full cyborg Caramel Man 009 body to nothing but a bolt.

Personality Edit

Obotchaman is a robot very well educated, helpful, friendly, courteous, and modest, It is characterized above all by their excellent manners and is generally friendly (especially with Norimaki), he has a huge crush on Arale, and tiede to be shy when you are with her, his worst fear is that she does not love, and when you feel you do not want or want someone else gets very sad.

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