Pucca is a media franchise character created by VOOZ, she is the main protagonist of the original series Pucca and the sequel series Pucca: Love Recipe.

She is a possible yandere to a ninja named Garu


Pucca is a South Korean girl who lives with her three uncles at the Goh-Rong Restaurant, where she works as a delivery girl. She drives around on her red scooter making deliveries to the people of the town. Pucca never talks, most likely in order to imitate Garu, who takes a vow of silence.

Pucca is known all over Sooga Island as the "Kung Fu Chaser", and although she isn't a ninja, Pucca has demonstrated some unique abilities of her own that make up for what she lacks in training. Pucca is also a best friend of Ching and has a pink cat named Yani.

Yandere TraitsEdit

Pucca is obsessed with a ninja named Garu. She is always chasing him whenever she sees him and she won't leave him alone. Pucca is known to be extremely clingy, she'll become jealous and hostile toward the characters Garu interacts with, especially her rival Ring Ring, who fell in love with Garu in the sequel series unlike her original counterpart.

In Matinee Mayhem; when Pucca leans in to kiss "Garu" in the theatre, his clone disappears, leaving Pucca angered that she’d been tricked. In the other theatre, Garu and Tobe stopped fighting to instead watch the movie with Abyo. After Abyo and Tobe saw an angered Pucca, they wisely escaped. Pucca dragged Garu back to the other theatre where Pucca uses a film reel to strap Garu to his chair.

In Four-Alarm Fire; when Pucca found Ring Ring on the top of Garu's head, she blasts them both with a fire extinguisher, causing Garu to land on a tree stump and was then knocked unconscious.

In He Loves Me Not; at the wedding ceremony between Ring Ring and "Garu", the second Garu leaps on stage and removes the other one's mask, revealing him to be Dada in disguise. After Ring Ring was tricked, she scolds Dada while demanding she and Garu go on with the ceremony. Pucca is officially angered now and a bolt of lightning strikes the altar, causing Master Soo to flee. The party guests run for cover as Pucca's anger officially reaches its peak. When Ring Ring ties Garu with her hair and taunts Pucca, Pucca unleashed her weather controlling powers and pulled Ring Ring into the wind tunnel.

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