Rachel Partson is the yandere for David Wescott.

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Background Edit

Rachel lost her parents at a young age. Her aunt and uncle took her in and raised her with their daughter, Nora. About twenty years later, she became David's assistant in his department and grew closer to him than anyone else in the office.

Yandere Traits Edit

She's dangerously obsessed with David. She keeps articles of him in her closet, takes one of his home movies, and kills his wife in her hospital room. She manipulates events around David like making a female coworker sick and tricking his nanny into calling off work in an attempt to set up a romantic trip for them. She suffers from delusions, such as believing that she's going to marry David and that she was fired so that she could be with him. However, she's proven wrong when he tells her that he will never love her. David's rejection causes her to barge in on a business dinner and attempt to kill him, Judith and herself. Even when she's arrested, she writes to him and still believes that they're in a relationship.

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