Ryo Jounouchi is one of the yandere love interests for Hazuki/Hatsuka in Starstruck Love.

Background Edit

He used to live next to Hatsuka when they were younger. He would notice that she would spend a lot of time with his younger brother, Toma. At some point, she stopped coming over. At some point, he and his brothers formed a band, which became a huge success. When Hatsuka's parents die, he becomes one of her adoptive brothers.

Yandere Traits Edit

Ryo initially starts out being kind to Hatsuka, welcoming her into the family and wanting to help her however he can. Like his brothers, he doesn't see Hasuka as his sister, but as a woman. He expresses a great deal of jealousy towards any guy that comes near Hatsuka. This is true once she starts spending a lot of time with Kazuki where he becomes upset with her and punishes her for looking at another guy. He's also possessive of her, willing to mark her so that other guys know that she's taken already. He feels entitled to her as he believes that he's the only one that understands her.

Gallery Edit

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