Sae Kurosawa is the main antagonist of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.

She is the yandere for her twin sister, Yae Kurosawa.

Background Edit

Sae was born as the older twin in the Kurosawa family. She was close friends with Itsuki Tachibana, who was a twin himself. She harbored romantic feelings for him, which were never expressed with her being a sacrificial twin and him being a remaining. When her sister ran away without her, the villagers were forced to perform the Ritual on their own.

Yandere Traits Edit

Sae was very obsessed with her sister. She enjoyed the concept of being killed by Yae and "becoming one with her sister". She, like Mayu, had a pathological fear that her sister will leave and wanted to be with her forever. When she and her sister were running away, she purposefully fell down in hopes that she could get her and Yae captured and be forced to perform the Ritual. When Sae was brought back to the village without her sister, she kept thinking that Yae would return for her. During the main events of the game, she chases after Mio under the belief that Yae has finally come back for her.

Quotes Edit

  • (while possessing Mayu) "Dear sister... Are you leaving me again?"
  • (from fluorite) "Yae... We promised! Promised.... To always be together.... Why? ....Why?"
  • (from fluorite) "Why didn't you kill me back then? Since my birth, I've been waiting... for your hands to descend upon my neck... Kill me, kill me, kill me... Kill me, kill me, kill me... Kill me, kill me, kill me..."
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