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Sal is the yandere of Wadanohara.

Sal u dick.jpg


Sal seems like a charming ​shark, worrying about Wadanohara's safety. However, once he reveals his true intentions, he reveals that he's obsessed with her. When he attempts to have his way with her, he expresses great anger that she calls to Samekichi, his brother, for help. Out of jealousy and anger, he thought about killing Samekichi to have Wadanohara all to himself.


Sal​ was one of Wadanohara's many friends. Towards the end of the game, he confronts Wadanohara in the underwater cave. He turns into a human, looking similar to Samekichi, another friend of Wadanohara's. He tries to get Wadanohara to help him change the sea, only to scare her with his sudden change in behavior. In order to help her "understand", he tries to sexually assault her. Before he can do anything to her, Samekichi shows up and demands Sal to get off of Wadanohara.