Satou Matsuzaka is the protagonist of Happy Sugar Life.

She desires Shio Kōbe.

Background Edit

It is unknown what happened to Satō's parents, although it is heavily implied they are dead as her aunt raised her. In the anime and manga, her aunt is shown in various flashbacks (mostly when someone speaks about the meaning of love), implying that Satō's aunt had an impact on her, especially on her view of love. When Shio's mother left her outside, Satō found her and took her in, to which Shio happily consented to. Satō had done whatever she could to keep her "happy sugar life" with Shio a secret.

Yandere traits Edit

In both the anime and manga, Satō is shown to go to great lengths to either keep Shio from harm or to keep Shio's life with Satō a secret. For example, one scene in the anime had Satō kill someone she knew because he had nearly choked Shio while she was unconscious. Another scene had her manipulate Taiyō Mitsuboshi, someone she knew and was assumedly close to, get Shio's brother, Asahi, out of town in order to keep him from finding Shio. She is shown to be manipulative and murderous.

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