Shihori is a main character in Shihori Escape. She is the yandere for Kitarou.

Background Edit

Not much is known of Shihori's past. She used to date another boy before Kitarou. After she broke up with the guy, he started stalking her, which gradually chipped away at her mental health. Due to this relationship, she became wary of guys and is afraid of people betraying her.

Yandere Traits Edit

Shihori was very shy about her feelings for Kitarou. She initially didn't like guys because of a past relationship. However, she gradually warmed up to him and had sex with him at some point. When Kitarou tried to break up with her, she panicked and begged him not to leave her alone. Out of fear of him leaving her, she locked him up in her house. If Kitarou leaves the house, Shihori will appear behind him with a knife and plans to kill him and herself. Before killing him, she declares her love for him and that killing him is the only way he'll stay with her.

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