Hal "Tighten" Stewart is the yandere to Roxanne Ritchi from the animated movie Megamind. He is voiced by Johan Hill.


Before becoming Tighten, he used to be a sweet, dorky guy working as Roxanne's cameraman. He had tried multiple times to ask her out, only for her to turn him down. He's not that popular and spends what time he has on his own playing video games.

Yandere TraitsEdit

He's incredibly possessive of Roxanne. He wanted to become a superhero because he thought he could win Roxanne like most heroes did with their love interests. When Roxanne didn't immediately fall in love with him like he had hoped, he became frustrated and angry and resorted to committing crimes rather than stopping crime. In the climax, he tried killing Roxanne twice for spurning his affections (once by tying her to a tower he tries to destroy and the other being him throwing a car at her). Even before he became a super villain, he was possessive of her, trying to chase away Megamind who was disguised as Bernard just because he was near Roxanne.


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