Toma Jonouchi is one of the yanderes for Hazuki from Starstruck Love.

Background Edit

Toma is the youngest son of the Jonouchi family and the lead singer of Terzetto. He used to be Hazuki's friend when they were younger. However, after they entered middle school, Toma stopped hanging out with Hazuki without giving her a reason. During his rise to stardom, he attracted the attention of another yandere and fellow coworker Karen Shinomiya. He doesn't express any interest in her during his route and it's never stated if he does form a relationship with her in Kazuki or Ryo's routes.

Yandere Traits Edit

Toma is obsessed with Hazuki. Even though he stopped spending time with her, he still harbors feelings for her. When she's taken in by his family, his behavior towards her will vary on the route the player is in. In Kazuki/Ryo's route, he's completely indifferent towards her and treat her like a sister. With Toma/Shion's route, he slowly expresses interest in her, which the player can pursue or ignore. He starts by helping her establish her musical career before his feelings become romantic. Once she becomes a target for Karen's rage, he becomes protective of her and starts suspecting everyone as a potential threat for her. He doesn't like seeing her with his brothers as he views them as rivals for her affections. At one point, he almost started a fight with Shion because of their feelings for Hazuki. If Shion Jonouchi's route is selected, Hazuki will decide that it's best that she and Toma remain as friends and Toma never acts on his feelings. If his route is selected, his pursuit of Hazuki will become more aggressive. In his Extreme Love End, he will appear in Hazuki's room with a knife, intending to kill her for not becoming his girlfriend.

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