Tomoe Asakura is a yandere for the protagonist of Yandere no Onna no Ko volume 3.

Background Edit

Tomoe is a young lady who starts working with the Protagonist at his part-time job. She fell in love with the Protagonist at first sight and would often find ways to talk to him. She's short and has a childish demeanor, thus people often mistake her for an elementary schooler. She responds with anger when this happens. During Tomoe's track, the protagonist learns that she's a transwoman, which is why she didn't want to talk about herself.

Yandere Traits Edit

Tomoe is obsessed with the protagonist. She initially was sweet and shy towards him, willing to let him do anything towards her. She stalked him for weeks by using a chip she placed on him and had been collecting his trash and hair from his haircuts. When she catches up to him after he ran away from her, she tries convincing him that they were lovers in a past life with him being a man named Elsion and she was a knight. She also tries telling him that she was a woman in that past life and the reason why she's in the body of a boy is because an evil ruler placed a curse on her. When he refuses to believe anything she says, she resorts to trying to "separate" his astral body from his vessel to make him remember her and their "past relationship". After he escapes her, she beats him to his apartment where she temporarily immobilized Yumia, his maidriod, believing that she possesses the will of the emperor who "cursed" her. She once again tries to attack the protagonist, proclaiming that she loves him and will do anything for him. Before one of her hits can land, Yumia reactivates and defends the protagonist, which leads to Tomoe violently murdering her. The track ends with her going to the rooftop where she presumably corners the protagonist.
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