Wilhelmina Baker as a 5 year old

Wilhelmina as a little girl.

Wilhelmina Baker is a villain from my fanmade franchise, the World of Ginger.  Wilhelmina is a teenage Dutch girl who, whenever she sees a boy she likes, grows obsessed with him. First she is shown to be sweet, loving, caring, kind, happy, vibrant, benevolent and good hearted. However when she falls in love with Bram, she is shown to be very obsessive, rude, disrespectful of others feelings, selfish, impatient, mean, insulting, egotistical and sadistic. She doesn't care for anyone but herself.

Wilhelmina first comes to Norfolk, Virginia from the Netherlands, when her family moves there. Shortly after arriving at Norfolk School, she meets the main hero, Ginger Hancock, and one of her friends, Daria Vasile from Romania and her brother, Bram. Wihelmina instantly fell in love with him, and would constantly say that they were soul mates, much to his annoyance. He asks her to stop, but she doesn't ever listen. Whenever she sees another girl hanging around him, she most of the time says "Hey you! Get your filthy hands off my Romanian!". 

  • She is based off or several yanderes, like Giffany from Gravity Falls, Ayano Aishi from Yandere Simulator and Belarus from Hetalia.
  • She was originally going to be called Wilhelmijn van der Baker.
  • She was also going to have black hair and blue eyes.
  • She has the most rivalry with Daria, because Bram is her brother, and he hangs around with her a lot. 


Angry Wilhelmina 3
Angry Wilhelmina 2
Wilhelmena Baker vs Ginger Hancock

With Ginger Hancock.

Wilhelmina is Angry

Getting angry.

Nasty Wilhelmina

Standing in front of the Dutch flag, with her Painball.

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