WARNING: this has spoilers to the anime: 11eyes

Yuka Minase is a possessive yandere to Kakeru Satsuki from 11eyes

Background Edit

Yuka Minase was abandoned by her parents for having powers. She was adopted in Ayame Garden and became friends with Kakeru. Yuka Minase tried to cheer Kakeru up from his depression of having his older sister dead from suicide.

Yandere Traits Edit

Anime: She is obsessed with Kakeru and told Kakeru to look at her only, Yuka even put a razor blade in Misuzu’s tea. She didn’t even care if her friends die, this is shown when she let Yukiko get killed and didn’t stop Takahisa from getting mad, she only cares for Kakeru. She even dislikes it when Kakeru call a girl by her first name.

Game: Yuka even tried to create an world where Kakeru knows no one but only her. Yet, she had remorse for what she did.

Manga: She was not a yandere in manga and allowed Kakeru to have a relationship with Misuzu.

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