Yuri is a yandere in "Doki Doki Literature Club!".



If you are feeling depressed or have feelings of suicide or self harm tell someone or try to find someone to talk to about your feelings if you are feeling suicidal depressed mentally ill and or mentally unstable please consider before reading this for your own personal mental safety and your personal mental health and personally mental illness if portrayed or personally felt by you or yourself

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Some readers may find this disturbing

Reader's discretion is advised.

It's implied that, like Monika, Yuri suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD for short). She has a hobby of cutting herself even when at school according to Monika she brings a different knife to school every single day and gets very excited with self harming and is obbessed with knives implied by Monika that she has a collection of knives in her bedroom that only she has truly seen yuri is obbessed with harming herself and sometimes squeals with delight while cutting herself or slitting her wrists it is most likely she has an insane and mentally ill self harm fetish implied by Monika as almost a sexual thing in her own words. If you choose her place in the first act, she will be wearing sweater, implying that she may be hiding scars in her arms from cutting herself. She is said to be very crazy around your character (yandere).

During act three, Monika gives a piece of dialogue confirming that Yuri was, indeed, a yandere.

Yandere Traits

Yuri is obsessed with the player. When she spends time with the player in the second act, she becomes angry with him. She also spills some blood on poems. (She becomes mean towards her friends if she feels like they're trying to take the player away from her. At one point, she calls Monika out on being jealous of the player being with Yuri and "politely" suggests that she kill herself. After she forces Natsuki and Monika out of the room, she confesses her love towards the player and acts obsessive while explaining her confession. No matter what player chooses, Yuri happily stabs herself out of excitement or rejection three times, then bleeds out and dies on the ground. She even tells the player that Natsuki is a obnoxious brat and says that no one will miss her if she kills herself.

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