Yuuki is a yandere to Haruka Tazumi featured in the manga "They Call Me Yandere Yuuki".

"They Call Me Yandere Yuuki", otherwise known as "Karera wa Watashi o Yandere Yuuki to Yobu", is a manga series with a girl named Yuukizi Hamizawa, also known as Yuuki. She developed a huge crush on Haruka Tazumi, a new girl that sits right beside her. Ever since, people have been calling her a pervert, and a name known to everyone, "Yandere Yuuki".

Yuuki loves Haruka so much that she'd kill for her love. And that's what she did. On They Call Me Yandere Yuuki #3, Yuuki runs over to Haruka and kisses her. People have seen them, but Yuuki loves making that derp face she does. She thinks what she loves most, the derp face or Haruka. Yuuki likes drawing, but at the same time she doesn't like people going next to Haruka, or being called a perv, "Yandere Yuuki", Heart-Face (she has a heart shaped twig thingie), or tubby.

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