Yuumi Kikushita is one of the Yandere for Subaru Oda from Yandere: I Love You so I Want to Kill You.

Background Edit

Yuumi started working at Subaru's school not that long before the start of the story. One day, she gave Subaru detention for some unknown reason, which led to her developing a student-teacher relationship. She did her best to conceal her forbidden relationship with him, even though she regularly called on Subaru during class and gave him detention for not paying attention during class.

Yandere Traits Edit

Yuumi is dangerously obsessed with Subaru. Her feelings for Subaru grew after she formed a relationship with him. As a result, she hates Maika Saitou and Saki being around Subaru. She looks for an excuse to make Subaru stay at school so that they can spend time together. She even gets Subaru to show her where he lives so that she can go over whenever she wants. The more time they spend together, the hornier she becomes. This is more evident near the end of the week that Subaru is left alone at home where she tries to have sex with him, whether it be at his house or at the school in the boys' restroom. At one point, she's convinced that Subaru was looking for her and was inviting her to have sex in the boys' restroom. In her ending, she goes over to his house where she desperately tries to get inside and spends the entire night banging on his door. If Subaru doesn't run away from her, she will force her way inside his house where she has sex with him for several hours. In her bad ending, she overhears him say he wants to get away from her. In retaliation, she kills him and prepares to eat his remains, believing they will be together forever.

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